Dreamweaver CS5

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Who it's for:  After you learn to code web pages by hand in HTML & CSS, you can use programs to increase efficiency and allow you to do complex things very quickly.

What it is:  Dreamweaver is the industry standard code generator. You put things on the screen, and Dreamweaver will create the code for you! Dreamweaver will also help you use more complicated solutions like JavaScript, DHTML, and Ajax.

What you'll learn:  With Dreamweaver, you'll build better web sites faster. Knowledge of Dreamweaver is a requirement for many web design jobs.

Dreamweaver CS5 Beginner

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  • Introduction
  • What Dreamweaver Does
  • Site Set Up
  • Code View
  • Text Formatting
  • Page Formatting
  • Basic Links
  • Links-New Window
  • Images
  • Introduction
  • Table Rules
  • Create Basic Tables
  • Nested Tables
  • Merge Cells
  • Spacer GIFs

Dreamweaver CS5 Intermediate

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  • Introduction
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Re-Define tags
  • Practice
  • Setting Classes
  • Padding and Borders
  • Background Images
  • Float
  • External Styles
  • Uploading
  • Synchronize Files
  • Introduction to Forms
  • Other Form Fields
  • Practice
  • Comments/Submit
  • CSS and Forms

Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced

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  • Introduction
  • Adding DIVs
  • Why CSS Layout
  • Inserting a DIV
  • DIV Layout Explained
  • Building Floated DIVs
  • Wrapping DIVs
  • Using Padding for Layout
  • Expanding Height Layout
  • Compound Styles
  • Block Links
  • Block Link Rollovers
  • Compound Block Links
  • Bullet Point Links

Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced II

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  • Templates
  • Practice
  • Pages from Template
  • Find and Replace
  • HTML Email
  • Extending Dreamweaver
  • Introduction
  • Pop-Up Window
  • Show/Hide DIV
  • DIV Effects
  • Spry Menu Bar
  • Accordian
  • Form Validation

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