Monthly Archives: April 2013

Impressive Illustrations Made With Microsoft Excel

  When you think of graphic design and digital illustration, one would expect to hear software programs like: Adobe PhotoShop; Corel; or Quark. Today, that isn’t the case. Here we highlight one of the most unexpected — and under-appreciated illustration canvases in the digital world today — Microsoft Excel. Enjoy! Mega Man   Chile-based artist, Sakumoti captures famous Capcom hero,…

Seven Stunning Celebrity Posters Created On PhotoShop

  Out of the hundreds and thousands of digital celebrity renderings re-created by would-be and reputable digital artists in the World Wide Web, Learn iT! Anytime highlights our favorite seven; all celebrated by world renowned illustrating website, DeviantArt. From Elisha Cuthbert to Johnny Depp to Gerard Butler and more, Learn iT! Anytime shares stunning celebrity posters all created on PhotoShop….