Who it's for: Anyone who uses Microsoft Excel and wants to learn more about one of the most useful tools Excel offers.

What it is: Pivot Tables are arguably Excel's most powerful feature, and most likely to impress your boss. At first glance, Pivot Tables seem quite mysterious: with a quick drag-and-drop, your data somehow reorganizes itself into interesting groupings and useful totals. There are more than a few organizations whose critical business decisions rely on carefully designed Pivot Tables. Unfortunately, because they accomplish so much "behind the scenes" it's hard to figure out how Pivot Tables actually work — and scary to try to modify existing ones. After this course, you'll be the one creating Pivot Tables to capture insights about your company's data.

What you'll learn: You’ll learn how to easily create, modify, and update Pivot Tables and charts. In no time, take a very large dataset and create a table that only displays the information you need. Then, learn all the steps to make your Pivot Tables great: data cleanup, manipulation, aggregate functions, pivot charts, big data, and even "power" features.