Access 2016 (Office 365)

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Who it's for:  Access is designed for people who are comfortable with spreadsheet programs like Excel. These users need more power and analyzation, as well as a stronger forward-facing interface.

What it is:  Access is a database creation and management program. It helps you design, build, and interface with a robust database to help your organization run smoothly. Many small to medium-sized businesses use Access for this exact purpose.

What you'll learn:  This course starts with database basics, terms, and information you’ll need to confidently build your database later on. Then, you’ll learn how to build tables, determine relationships, query data, and create simple-to-use interfaces that other people at your company can use to interact with your data.

Access 2016 Beginner

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  • Opening a Sample Database
  • The Database Objects
  • The Interface
  • Introducing Tables
  • Simple Data Entry
  • Introducing Queries
  • Practicing Data Entry in Queries
  • Introducing Forms
  • Data Entry Into Forms
  • Introducing Reports
  • Sorting to Create Groups
  • Finding Data in Tables
  • Filtering
  • Adding Total Rows
  • Starting a New Database
  • Creating Tables in Design View
  • Entering Your First Record
  • Using Quick Starts to Create Tables
  • Entering Data Into Your Second Table
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Looking at the First Draft of a Database
  • Creating Relationships with Lookup Lists
  • The Relationships Window
  • Relating by Dragging Field Names
  • Dragging to Create 1-to-1 Relationships
  • Changing Dragged Relationships to Lookup Relationships
  • Limit-To-List Properties
  • Enforced Referential Integrity
  • Seeing the Referential Integrity Being Enforced
  • Cascade Edits and Deletions
  • More Field Properties

Access 2016 Intermediate

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  • Introduction
  • Showing File Name Extensions
  • Opening Query.mdb
  • Updating File Formats and Showing Document Tabs
  • Hiding Table Fields
  • Unhiding Table Fields
  • Creating and Running Queries
  • Sorting the Query
  • More Ways to Select Views
  • Filtering Using OR
  • Filtering Using AND
  • Combining AND with OR
  • Filtering Using NOT and NULL
  • Multi-Table Queries
  • Wild Card Symbols
  • Calculations
  • Concatenating Words
  • Parameter Queries
  • Introduction
  • Multiplying and Aggregating
  • Subtotals via a Totals-Query
  • Crosstab-Query
  • Make-Table Query
  • Delete-Query
  • Update-Query
  • Append-Query
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Exporting to Word-RTF
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Importing from Excel
  • Linking to Excel
  • Linking from Access to Access
  • Lookup List in a Query

Access 2016 Advanced

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  • Introduction
  • Turning Your Database Folder Into a Trusted Location
  • Filtering by Form
  • Columnar Form Views - Part 1
  • Columnar Form Views - Part 2
  • Tabular Forms
  • Split Forms
  • Justified Forms - Part 1
  • Justified Forms - Part 2
  • Form Sections
  • Adding Graphic Elements
  • Hand-Built Forms
  • Creating Forms from the Query
  • Building Forms from the Query
  • Tracing Dependencies from Form to Query to Table
  • Multi-Page Tabbed Forms
  • Parent and Child Forms - Method 1
  • Parent and Child Forms - Method 2
  • Parent and Child Forms - Method 3
  • Form Wizard's Datasheet Layout
  • Wrapping Up
  • Introduction
  • Viewing Reports - Part 1
  • Viewing Reports - Part 2
  • Views Available for Reports
  • Modifying Your First Report
  • The Form Wizard
  • Sorting in Your Report
  • Grouping in Your Report - Part 1
  • Grouping in Your Report - Part 2
  • Creating Summary Reports via the Wizard
  • Modifying Summary Reports
  • Special Case of CAN GROW
  • Adding a ROLODEX Effect
  • Mailing Labels

Access 2016 Advanced II

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  • Introduction
  • Free-Floating Parent and Child Forms
  • Starting Your First Macro
  • Adding Actions to Your First Macro
  • Three Ways to Trigger Macros
  • Creating Command Buttons Without the Wizard
  • Joining Forms by a Shared Field
  • Parent Form Size and Position
  • Child Form Size and Position
  • If-THEN and IN-List
  • Creating Combo-Boxes by Typing Entries
  • Combo-Boxes from Imported Tables
  • Introduction to VBA
  • SELECT CASE Example in VBA
  • Debugging Simple Macros
  • Radio Buttons in VBA
  • Wrapping Up
  • Introduction
  • Compacting and Repairing Databases
  • Hyperlinks in Tables
  • Hyperlinks from Pictures in Forms
  • Switchboard Using Command Buttons
  • Read-Only Form Buttons
  • Switchboard Manager Method
  • Navigation Forms as Switchboards
  • Record Locking
  • Startup Options
  • Special Keys
  • Wrapping Up

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