Get to Know Office 365

(Office 2013)

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Who it's for:  This video series was created for those interested in learning more about Office 365 and how this Microsoft service can help its users become more efficient and effective in collaborating in a team environment.

What it is: This video series will introduce you to the world of Office 365 the online subscription service provided by Microsoft.

What you'll learn: In todays world it has become increasingly important to have quick, easy access to your data. Whether its corporate documents or personal images, through Office 365, Microsoft's online service offers you access to cloud based storage for all your documents, Online Office Web Apps to Manage and Collaborate your documents as well as share your documents with others.

This video series will introduce you to Office 365 and the basics of understanding how this online service will help you become more efficient with your important information, anywhere and at anytime.

Get to Know Office 365

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  • Introduction
  • What is Office 365?
  • What's New in Office 2013?
  • Office 2013 Features
  • Excel 2013 Features
  • Word 2013 Features
  • Outlook 2013 Features
  • PowerPoint 2013 Features
  • Office 365 Web Apps
  • Storing Data in OneDrive
  • Lync 2013 Features
  • Exchange Online Archive
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