Outlook 2016 (Office 365)

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Who it's for:  Outlook is for anyone who uses the Microsoft Office Suite at work.

What it is:  Microsoft Outlook is the world’s most popular email and calendar application.

What you'll learn:  If you’re new to Outlook, you’ll learn how easy it is to use the program to manage your email and daily calendar. If you’re already using Outlook, you’re probably not using it to its highest potential. By digging deeper with Learn iT Anytime, you’ll learn how to automate everyday tasks, set remote meetings, stay on top of your responsibilities, and integrate Outlook with other software in the MS Office Suite.

Outlook 2016 Beginner

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  • Introduction
  • Outlook 2016 Interface
  • Tell Me
  • Navigation in Outlook Using Peeking
  • Smart Lookup
  • Creating and Sending New Emails
  • Mail Message Options
  • Attaching Files to a Message
  • Attaching OneDrive Files
  • Viewing and Responding to Mail
  • Sorting Messages and Using The Conversation View
  • Flagging and Categorizing Email
  • Creating Custom Categories
  • Overview of the To Do Bar
  • Printing and Deleting Messages
  • Creating and Editing New Contacts
  • Adding People to Your Favorites List
  • Sorting and Finding Contacts
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Creating and Editing Tasks
  • Difference Between Task Lists and To Do Lists
  • Converting Emails Into Tasks
  • Introduction to the Outlook Calendar
  • Using the Schedule View
  • Adding and Editing Appointments
  • Scheduling Recurring Appointments
  • Scheduling Events
  • Sending and Responding to Meeting Invitations
  • Customizing the Calendar
  • Creating Mailbox Subfolders and Moving Items to Folders
  • Searching for and Finding Outlook Items
  • Adding Search Folders
  • Creating Notes

Outlook 2016 Advanced

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  • Overview of Outlook Message Formats
  • Creating and Using Signatures
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant
  • Utilizing Message Voting Buttons
  • Using and Customizing Quick Steps
  • Creating Rules for Email
  • Setting Folder Permissions and Delegate Status
  • Setting Delegate Access
  • Creating a Personal Folder File PST File
  • Archiving Information
  • Clean Up Tools
  • Adding New Profiles
  • Working Offline
  • Creating and Customizing Views
  • Curating Customized Forms
  • Exporting Contacts
  • Performing a Mail Merge Using Outlook Contacts
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Customizing Outlook and Personal Preferences

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